Skolomanche University invites you to take an unprecedented journey through a living system of Magik, through a series of revolutionary, comprehensive and dynamic study programmes that will see you;

Unplug from the Matrix and Plug back into your Magik

Are you ready to begin?

Our fully comprehensive study programs deliver both a practical and academic immersion in a living system of magik, equipping and empowering you to use this to become the powerful creator of your life and world: to Make Magik Real. Alchemy, termed 'Alkemy' in our university, has taken many forms as a tool of magik across the ages, wielded by many diverse faculties, theologies, scientists and mystics alike, each with their own view and interpretation of the origins of alkemy and how it serves their particular world view and practice. Within Skolomanche University, we go back to the simple source that precedes these interpretations to deliver a revolutionary transcendent study programme of progressive practical alkemy for magik made real in a modern world: termed within our university as Alquantum studies. 

We aim to open our students to an entirely new series of possibilities for dynamic creation of reality. As such study within Skolomance University is an invitation to transcend traditional learning faculties and instead embark through many new gateways of immersive learning upon the transformational revolutionary ride of your life. To return home to your own innate magik where the paranormal becomes your normal and the impossible becomes possible in your hands. To become someone you may never have previously thought possible and, as such, to powerfully wield your alkemy to create a new world of unprecedented harmonious and genius systems of creation: Magik Made Real. Our online facilities are all encompassing, enabling each student to experience a full and comprehensive university feel to their study program. 

The world once told you that magik is not real existing only in fairytales myths and legends. But what if you discovered that the covert history embedded in the magik source of fairytales myths and legends was actually more real than over 90% of the history you have been told?  That you are in fact pure magik: the powerful creator of the world you experience while that world, in a perfect dance of cocreation, creates you back!  Would you like to re-member how?