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At Skolomanche University we believe that the practical application and experience of living alkemy is key to all our magik studies. Therefore, in addition to the study programmes, we offer expeditions to our students in the form of alkemical trails to specific places of immense alkemy across the globe. The trails include uncovering covert secrets of alkemical power inherent in the geology, anthropology, cryptography and history of the places we visit. Each expedition, varying in duration, is a carefully constructed journey of magik mirrored, and embodied by, each and every site we visit. Students will wield and deepen the principles of alkemy taught within our study programmes as they embark upon the alkemical trail of the journey. See below for upcoming expeditions.


This 8-night/9-day event sees us journey through majestic, remote and ancient Transylvanian mountains, forest, castles, caves, mesolithic & paleolithic sites traversing wild and remote routes and roads to uncover the mysterious alchemical secrets of this incredible land. Our journey will take us to the sites of:

  • The magik of the Tartaria Tablets: what archaeologists believe to be the earliest known form of writing in the world
  • The origins of the mysterious dragon line
  • The megalithic sphinx of the Bucegi Mountains, beneath which lays the holographic hall of records whose holographic projections revealed to Romanian secret service in 2003 that over  90% of history as we have been told it is a lie
  • The ancient covert cave system under the Bucegi Mountains consisting of 5 tunnels spanning the breadth of the globe and into inner earth
  • The archaic centre for the deity of 'immortal incantation' & sacred wolf tribe of Dacia
  • The ancient temple of destiny wherein you uncover the core of how you write destiny into being
  • The vast Zalmoxis cave system which acts as an ancient rite of passage to rebirth your true self
  • The entrance to the long-lost Scholomance school of ancient magik & its dragon-riding, weather-controlling Hultan magi of the mountains.

The entire journey is an alchemical trail which sees you walk out the seven master principles and twelve Alquantum keys of alchemy to deepen your embodiment, clarity and power of your own innate alchemy.



This 7-night/8-day event sees us journey through ancient 'Alba' powerbase of the ancient alkemical world of Magik. From the prescient power of majestic volcanic Edinburgh, its underground caves, castles of old and dramatic hills to the wild archaic 'alien' landscape of the Orkney Islands with its mysterious megaliths, passage chambers, standing stone circles and ritualistic temple ruins, we walk a path of age-old magik. Our journey will take us to the sites of:

  • Edinburgh castle at the head of the Royal Mile, seated on volcanic rock and home to great mythological power
  • Arthurs Seat, the volcano head above the city where lies, according to legend, King Arthur ready to raise Alba once more.
  • Gilmerton Cove, a remarkable underground ritualistic 7 chambered hand-hewn cove that has archaeologists baffled with its ciphers, codes and age old underground secret tunnels stretching across Edinburgh
  • The largest neolithic single temple ritual complex ruins in the world that marks a rite of passage where the living and the dead collide and merge
  • The circa 5000 year old spectacular standing stone circles of Brodgar and Stennes which form part of a ritualistic walk home to the 'timeless' you
  • Maes Howe, an ancient passage tomb and remarkable resonance rebirthing chamber
  • Skara Brae, the circa 5000 year old best-preserved Neolithic village in northern Europe inhabited before the Egyptian pyramids were built and centuries before construction began at Stonehenge
  • The spectacular cliff-face coast line of Yesnaby, one of the best examples of a 416-359 million year old Devonian Lake basin in the world. 

The entire journey is a powerful alchemical rite of passage which sees you walk out the journey to quite literally unleash your alkemical sovereignty in a manner akin to the inauguration of the ancient Albion 'Del Riada' Kings: a ritual performed by Myrdyn Emrys 'Merlin' himself.



March 2021

This 3 night/4 day event sees us journey through the majestic polar regions of the ancient Norse mythology, home to the strange phenomenon of the Northern Lights and the place where giant mythological secrets meet and unlock the magik secrets of Quantum science. We will traverse glaciers, arctic fjords and remote routes to uncover the mysterious alchemical secrets of this mighty and mysterious land. Our journey will take us to:

  • The city of Tromso, 'Paris of the North' where we will cross the legendary cantilever road bridge to the Arctic cathedral to unlock the 'keeper of worlds' within us
  • The mighty arctic snowbound Ullsfjorden and Lyngen fjords through incredible weather systems and terrain to meet and wield the full power of 'Cohesive Prime Mover' within us
  • A northern lights chase to experience the spectacular phenomenon of the'rainbow bridge' of Norse mythology, the 'Einstein-Rosen Bridge' or 'wormhole' of Quantum science that transports us from fragmented reality into palpable cohesive targeted reality

Life is Miraculous, You are its Source: This entire journey is an alchemical trail which sees you embody this fully.

SKOLOMANCHE website image 2